Cancellation of the order

The buyer is entitled to cancel your order under the conditions set forth below.
The order can be canceled within 24 hours of receipt of the seller’s confirmation e-mail, and the buyer has to cancel the order via the contact form available at or directly at

In the event that there is a situation when after the conclusion of the contract (after confirmation of the order the seller) will not be able to deliver the goods for any reason, the seller will contact the buyer without delay to agree on the next proceeding. If the buyer has already paid part or all of the purchase price, the amount will be transferred to his bank account without undue delay, unless the parties agree otherwise to refund the purchase price.
By returning the purchase price in the manner described above, all mutual relations between the parties will be settled in their entirety. The seller does not guarantee the immediate availability of the goods offered in the e-shop.


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