Warranty and Claims

When selling goods to buyers, the seller is responsible for the fact that the goods have the required quality, quantity, peace and weight. It must be error-free and conform to generally applicable standards. The seller is responsible for the errors that the goods sold at take-back and for the errors that occur after the warranty period is taken over.
The rights and obligations of the parties regarding liability for defects of goods are governed by applicable generally binding regulations, in particular the Civil Code (consumer) and the Commercial Code (entrepreneur).

The warranty period for goods is generally 24 months unless otherwise stated for a particular item. The warranty period begins to run from the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer. In the event that the goods at the time of receipt by the buyer does not match the order, the buyer has the right to have the seller replace the goods free of charge and without undue delay for the goods specified by the order. In the case of the item of consumption time, the period of consumption is the time limit for claiming the claim. Buyer is required to store / store the goods according to the manufacturer’s instructions or in the manner customary and appropriate for the type of goods in question.

The buyer is entitled to claim goods through the contact form on the web site of the e-shop: www.doonchoo.com. In the event that a defect occurs during the warranty period for which the goods can not be used properly or can be used only partially and the defect can be remedied, the buyer is entitled to a free repair. Instead of removing the defect, the buyer may request the exchange of the goods or if the defect relates only to parts of the goods, to the replacement of the component, and to the seller not incurring disproportionate costs in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the defect.

In the case of a defect which can not be removed and which prevents the goods from being properly used as defective goods and in the cases provided for in the relevant legislation, the buyer has the right to exchange the goods or has the right to withdraw from the contract. The buyer also has the same rights even if the defects are correctable but the goods can not be properly used due to a recurrence of defects or because of a greater number of defects in the purchased goods.

The buyer may notify the eligible claim by one of the following options:
– to the email address of the seller hello@doonchoo.com,
– by post to the address of the seller Studio Stronger, sro, Pod Párovcami 1331/30, 921 01 Piešťany, Slovak Republic, and then send or deliver the goods in question, if possible in the original packaging or in a suitable shipping container, with a description of the defect excluding the confusion of the claimed defect other defect and a copy of the sales receipt to the above address of the seller.

The claim shall be delivered to the seller without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the date of the claim, unless otherwise agreed between the seller and the buyer. In the event of failure to comply with the complaint timing, the buyer has the right to exchange the goods, if available, or to withdraw from the purchase contract. In the event of a legitimate claim, the buyer is entitled to the refund of the costs associated with the claim. In the case of an unjustified complaint, the seller is obliged to give a written justification for this refusal and the buyer is also not entitled to the refund of his costs associated with the claim equipment. At the same time, the seller is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred on his part.


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